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Summertime Rolls: The Proposal y Bruno

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A few short thoughts on a couple of comedies, neither of which I thought was all that awesome:


So this is how The Proposal opens- The much-feared bitch boss of a major business arrives at work whilst her underlings twitter, blog, and email one another to let them know that she has arrived.  Intercut with this are shots of her assistant making fear-based Starbucks purchases in the hopes of pleasing her when he arrives at work.

I guess the next question would be:  did you see The Devil Wears Prada?  I’ll bet the writers of The Proposal did, because the two movies have the exact same opening.  Exactly.  Although Sandra Bullock is no Meryl Streep; it’s hard to believe Bullock as a career-minded Type A, where Streep can pretty much play anything.  I guess I like my Bullock more  in her “The Net” mode- self-deprecation and self-loathing just puts me in the corner of a given character.

I know, we find out through the course of the movie that she does have insecurities; that she does have feelings.

And Ryan Reynolds (her assistant) isn’t the simple assistant he seemed to her.  There is more to everything in this movie than meets the eye, but in exactly the way that you would expect it to be unpredictable.  Does that make sense?  Let me put it another way- do you think these two will get together by the end?  Do you think there will be a moment when that seems impossible?  Do you think Betty White will be sassy?

Look, I know there is some comfort to be had in knowing exactly where a movie is heading.  If that is the case, then you will most definitely be comforted by The Proposal.


I feel the same way about Bruno as I did about the Naked Gun 2 1/2 back in the early 90’s. I can’t deny that I didn’t laugh a lot throughout the movie, and everyone around me was laughing, too. But there was something intangible about the whole enterprise that left me a bit… eh.

But again, my disclaimer- I did laugh the entire way through it. It is a funny movie, and when Bruno hits, it hits real hard. It just felt like one too many trips to the well for Sascha Baron Cohen- doing the same thing he did with Borat, but to a lesser effect.

But if you like your comedy with a whole bunch of cock, Bruno is for you.


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