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The Very Last “Best Of” List- Music Edition

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I didn’t listen to a whole lot of albums front to back in 2008, but I did listen to a lot of new music.  It was just a “song” kind of year for me, or should I say “single?”  So here is a list of a bunch of singles (15 actually) that I thought were pretty great this last year.

1.  “Easy Does It”- Bonnie “Prince” Billy

2.  “On Tour with Zykos”- Okkervil River

3.  “Time to Pretend”- MGMT

4.  “Acid Tongue”- Jenny Lewis

5.  “Halfway Home”- TV On The Radio

6.  “Home”- David Byrne and Brian Eno

7.  “For Emma”- Bon Iver

8.  “Modern Guilt”- Beck

9.  “White Winter Hymnal”- Fleet Foxes

10.  “The Twist”- Frightened Rabbits

11.  The first three tracks from “Accelerate”- REM

12.  “Heart Songs”- Weezer

13.  “Murder in the City”- The Avett Brothers

14.  “Gobbledigook”- Sigur Ros

15.  “Graveyard Girl”- M83


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